Catalog 2017-2018


Public Service

North Central Texas College responds to the special needs and interests of the public, but it realizes that all these needs and interests cannot be served solely in a formal classroom setting through the traditional academic curricula. Members of the community at large are welcome on campus at any time and are given access to many college facilities and services, such as the Library, free of charge. Other facilities and services, including space for meetings, workshops and similar activities, are made available at minimal charges. For more information contact the office of the Dean of Administrative Services at 940-668-4201 or by email.

Specialized facilities allied with the college's instructional programs also are made available to the community as a public service. Examples include the Beef Cattle Evaluation Center and Soil & Forage Testing Laboratory, both affiliated with the college's Department of Agriculture, and the NCTC Equine Center. In cooperation with the Division of Continuing Education, this department and others regularly sponsor workshops, seminars and short courses aimed at disseminating information to individuals as well as to business, industry and private organizations within the community.

All members of the college faculty, administration, and staff welcome inquiries related to their particular areas of specialization from community organizations and individuals. In addition, a Speaker's Bureau is maintained for the benefit of local civic clubs, social organizations and other groups.

A widely varied program of artistic, social and cultural events - recitals, concerts, stage productions, lectures, exhibits and others - is sponsored by the college. The annual NCTC Art Show and Creative Writing Awards competition are examples of such programs which involve direct community participation.