Catalog 2017-2018



The North Central Texas College is dedicated to student success and institutional excellence. NCTC encourages student achievement by providing affordable, quality learning environments, comprehensive student support, and public services.

The College District fulfills its mission by offering programs leading to associate degrees and certificates and by providing:

  • University Transfer Education
  • General Education
  • Workforce & Technical Education
  • Developmental Education
  • Student Development
  • Continuing Education
  • Community Education

North Central Texas College has adopted the Model of Institutional Learning Expectations (MILE) to seamlessly connect the college’s mission, institutional goals, strategic plan, program purpose statements, departmental purpose statements and assessment linkages, and departmental objectives. NCTC strives to meet nine Institutional Learning Goals, which support the college’s mission:

  1. A quality general education curriculum in all associate degree programs.
  2. Quality freshman and sophomore level courses in arts and sciences which parallel the lower division offerings of four-year colleges and universities.
  3. Quality technical programs leading directly to careers in semi-skilled and skilled occupations, and quality technical education program up to two years in length leading to certificates and associate degrees.
  4. Quality, flexible, and responsive continuing education programs including workforce training, customized business & industry training, community education programs, and community service programs for occupational and entrepreneurial skills enhancement and/or cultural enrichment.
  5. Assistance to students in achieving their educational goals by making available quality student and educational support services.
  6. Quality programs and services in support of adult literacy and basic skills development as a means of workforce enhancement and expanding access to higher education.
  7. A systematic, broad-based planning, research, and evaluation process, the ongoing pursuit of institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement among programs, services, and personnel.
  8. A qualified, competent faculty, staff, and administration who are dedicated to carrying out the role, scope, and mission of the institution as adopted by the Board.

Adequate physical and financial resources to accomplish the role, scope, and mission of the institution.