Catalog 2017-2018


Family Educational Rights and Records Access Annual Notice

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the College may release information classified as “directory information” to the general public without the written consent of the student.

Directory information is defined as:

  1. Name, address, telephone number;

  2. Student email

  3. Date and place of birth;

  4. Participation in officially recognized activities and sports;

  5. Major field of study;

  6. Weight and height of athletes;

  7. Enrollment status (full-, part-time, etc.);

  8. Degrees and awards received;

  9. Dates of attendance;

  10. Previous high school and college attended;

  11. Grade level.

The students' rights to FERPA begin when the student is in attendance as defined by the institution. At North Central Texas College, one credit hour or one non-credit is needed to be considered as a matriculated student. FERPA rights continue after the student leaves the institution and are only terminated by the written request of the student or upon death of the student.

A student may request that directory information be withheld from the public by giving written notice in person to the Office of Admissions/Registrar during the first 12 class days of a fall or spring semester or the first 4 class days of a summer session. If no request to withhold directory information is filed, information is released upon inquiry. No transcript or academic record is released without written consent from the student except as specified by law.