Catalog 2016-2017


Tuition and Fee Costs

Generally, the cost of enrolling at North Central Texas College for a regular long semester (Fall or Spring) will be the sum of four expense categories: (1) Tuition; (2) Fees; (3) Books & Supplies; and (4) Personal Living Expenses, including Transportation and Room/Board. No attempt is made to estimate this last category of expense because it varies so widely among individual students.

*Determination of a student’s legal residence for purposes of establishing the appropriate tuition rates is made at the North Central Texas College Admission/Registrar Office. Questions or disputes regarding interpretation of these guidelines should be directed to this office.  For additional information on rules and regulations determining residence status, visit or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Web site

IMPORTANT: NCTC is a state-supported institution subject to state laws. Credit is extended for expenses owed to the college only under limited circumstances. All tuition, fees, dorm rent, and other elements of expense for attending NCTC are subject to change by the NCTC Board of Trustees.

CORRECTION OF ERRORS: Students are responsible for any additional amount due NCTC resulting from auditing and correction of records after registration fees have been paid — including all registration assessment errors, invalid third-party agreements, and failure to prove residence status.

PAYMENT REQUIREMENT: All tuition and fees are due the day you register and must be paid in full to complete the registration process. Any accounts unpaid may result in the cancellation of a student’s registration and a requirement that the student re-register for classes. A Reinstatement Fee is charged when a student re-enrolls. Payment for any additional tuition and fees resulting from schedule revisions or class adds/drops is due at the time a change is made. Students will NOT be allowed to register after the last day of the add/drop period or late registration.

No matter how students sign up for their classes, most NCTC students can pay their tuition/fees online. This means students can:

  • Avoid the possibility of long lines and delays;
  • Pay at their convenience on weekends and after regular hours, 
  • pay in installments, and
  • Pay with credit card or bank draft.

In order to access student accounts,  go to, click on “MyNCTC — Login using a valid Student ID and pin number. Select the "students" tab at the top and then click on the "Student Dashboard" to get to "Account Info" and follow the instructions.