Catalog 2016-2017


Refund Schedule

For students who drop or withdraw from courses, NCTC will refund tuition and mandatory fees collected according to the following schedule. For faster access to funds, students are encouraged to use our Direct Deposit to MyNCTC debit cards. Note that for courses which meet on a regular schedule (i.e., specified days and times throughout a fall/spring semester or summer session), the term “class days” refers to the number of calendar days NCTC normally meets for classes, NOT the days a particular course meets. For “flexible entry” courses and others which meet on an unusual or irregular schedule, NCTC will exercise professional judgement in defining the term “class days” for refund purposes. Please note also that percentages given in the schedule below are to be applied to the tuition and mandatory fees collected for each course from which the student is withdrawing. Also, note that some fees are non-refundable and will not be calculated in these percentage refunds.