Catalog 2016-2017


Project REV

Project REV was created through a federal grant-funded program that provide resources for victims of the following crimes: dating or domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.  Even though the grant funding has ended, NCTC continues to assist students in need of these services. Although NCTC is one of the safest college campuses, it is important for students to be informed about these issues, which college-age women are at a disproportionally high risk of facing.  Below are definitions and more information can be found at

Dating/Domestic Violence (Also referred to as Family Violence):  A pattern of abusive behavior where one person in the relationship uses abusive tactics to maintain power and control over the other person. Abusive tactics can be physical, verbal/emotional/psychological, sexual and financial.

 Sexual Assault:  Any sexual act or contact that occurs without explicit consent from both parties. Consent is a freely given and clearly communicated choice that can only be given by a legal adult over the age of 17, and by a person(s) that is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor are they under force, duress, or threat.

 Stalking:  Repeated harassing or threatening behavior that causes a reasonable person to feel fear.