Catalog 2016-2017


Alcohol and Controlled Substance Abuse

North Central Texas College specifically prohibits the use, possession, sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs/narcotics/controlled substances on campus. Violators are subject to the following action(s):

  • Adverse disciplinary action as determined by NCTC within accepted policy.
  • Prosecution as provided by state statutes.

The risks of psychological and physiological damage associated with the use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol are great and include emotional disorders, impaired learning ability, severe physical pain, permanent brain damage and death. Information and confidential assistance in obtaining counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation is available to all students through the Counseling Center. Students with alcohol or drug abuse problems are encouraged to take advantage of this referral service.

[See FLB (Local) of the Board Policy Manual for additional information.]