Catalog 2016-2017


Virtual College of Texas -VCT- Courses

Virtual College Of Texas (VCT) Courses

Students may enroll in VCT courses within the following guidelines:

1.  Students MUST register for online courses at NCTC as long as courses are open and meet the student's needs.

2.  The fee charged by the provider college may not exceed $200.00.

3.  Students may register only in VCT courses that are not available through NCTC in the online format and that have been approved by the appropriate department.  However, students can contact other institutions directly to inquire about enrolling in their course.

4.  Students who have enrolled in VCT courses and either dropped or failed for two consecutive semesters must enroll in and pass 12 hours of non-VCT courses before they may enroll in another VCT course.