Catalog 2016-2017


General Admission Policy

North Central Texas College is committed to providing quality education to the community and the students who wish to attend to pursue higher education. Students may begin their studies in the Fall (August), Spring (January), Summer I (June), Summer II (July), or Summer III (June/July) semesters. NCTC has an “open admission” policy that allows all students to be admitted, regardless of previous academic history. We encourage students from a wide range of diverse backgrounds to attend North Central Texas College to meet their educational goals.

Non-citizen students seeking admission at NCTC who do not hold a temporary visa of any category; but holds an undocumented immigrant status that have graduated from a Texas public high school or received a GED in Texas may be eligible for admission. Please contact the Office of Admission and Registrar for additional information.

NCTC follows official state-mandated policy regarding the Texas Success Initiative for all entering students.