Catalog 2016-2017


Advanced Placement Examination

NCTC awards credit on the basis of local and national examinations, prior military experience, and professional certifications, subject to general limitations. A maximum of 18 semester hours of credit earned by examination—College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Subject Examinations, USAFI, and professional certifications—may be applied toward the award of a degree or certificate at NCTC.

Courses completed in the Armed Forces and will be evaluated and credit will be awarded based on the recommendation in ACE (American Council on Education) Guide to Evaluation of Educational experiences in the Armed Services. Such credit is not included in determining grade point averages and has the following restrictions:

  1. May not be used to reduce the 15 semester hours required in residence for any degree or certificate;
  2. May not be earned in any course the student is enrolled in after the official date of record or has previously attempted (W or F grades) or completed;
  3. State laws specifies that the degree requirement of 6 semester hours in American history and 6 semester hours in Government may not be reduced below 3 semester hours in each area by examination credit.
  4. Credit is awarded only in areas offered within the current curriculum of NCTC, and is appropriately related to the student's educational program;
  5. Once enrolled, students wishing to utilize AP credit are required to do so by submitting official AP test score reports to the NCTC Admissions Office.  If minimum AP test scores are met, the applicable course credit will be applied to an NCTC transcript.