Catalog 2011-2012


NCTC Instructional Master Plan

Providing vision and focus for the Instructional Division of North Central Texas College (NCTC) is the primary benefit of an Instructional Master Plan, which serves as a roadmap to be used by faculty and administration in making decisions impacting the college’s future. Having this clearly-defined and well-developed resource available will help ensure that NCTC’s role, scope and mission are fulfilled in accordance with the college’s values.

The framework upon which the Instructional Master Plan is built is S.I.M.P.L.E., or Strategic Instructional Mission, Purpose, Leadership & Expectations. The use of this particular acronym may seem risky, but it is definitely not intended to imply that the academic rigor at NCTC is simplistic. It is intended to communicate that how we do what we do is indeed relatively straightforward – yet NOT at all easy!


In our efforts to be strategic in our thinking and doing, we must incorporate the following concepts into our everyday language:

  • Smarter…Not Harder
  • By Design…Not Default
  • On Purpose … Not Pointless


Instruction at NCTC emanates from a cohesive group of professionals using their collective talents, gifts and experiences to accomplish a shared mission and purpose.


The mission of the instructional division is to grow and graduate students and to enrich their lives by nurturing their potential through meaningful education.


The purpose of the instructional division is to create an exemplary and inspiring learning environment that provides students with the education they need and the chance to believe in themselves and their future.


As leaders of the instructional division:

  • We will work collectively, collaboratively, creatively and collegially.
  • We will honor practical, purposeful, and proactive communication and decision making within and between each instructional department.
  • We will transform meetings into time that is productive, focused and energizing.


  • Everyone will purposefully and intentionally communicate among instructional circles to promote awareness of college initiatives and activities.
  • Everyone will collaborate within their departments as well as between departments, division and campuses for the overall benefit of our students.
  • Everyone will bring their best everyday along with a commitment to being better. Everyone will actively identify areas of needed improvement. Everyone will participate in professional development. Everyone will seek and implement best practices and be willing to make changes as necessary.